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Why I Left the Church: The 22nd Nordic Conference for Sociology of Religion 2014: Change and Continuity – Religion, State, Civil Society. 20/08/2014 → 22/08/2014

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This qualitative study covers 4 former members of the Danish National Church. The study offers initial research on why members of the Danish National Church are abandoning the church. The research focuses on outlining the process leading up to the actual resignation of a membership, and aim to better explain the multifaceted reasons why members decide to leave the National Church. The aspects explored are the motifs, thoughts and reflections of the former members.

Methods applied will be qualitative life-historical semi-structured interviews. The study produces data comparable with a similar study from Sweden (Bromander, 2003). A letterbased study from Finland (Niemelä, 2007) is taken into account, too.

The study argues that leaving the Danish National Church is a deliberate, thought through choice by church members, and that the decision process spans several years. In this process we find both drivers and triggers. The drivers are the motifs and reasons building up the possibility of leaving the church. The trigger is the straw the breaks the camel's back, and is therefore just a trigger, and not as important as the drivers. The study argues that economy as a reason for leaving the church is more of a trigger than actually a driver, why we should be more aware of the other reasons for resigning membership.
Antal sider14
StatusIkke-udgivet - 2014
BegivenhedThe 22nd Nordic Conference for Sociology of Religion 2014: Change and Continuity – Religion, State, Civil Society - University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Danmark
Varighed: 20 aug. 201422 aug. 2014
Konferencens nummer: 22


KonferenceThe 22nd Nordic Conference for Sociology of Religion 2014
LokationUniversity of Copenhagen

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