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Christoph Mikkel Janitzek Brygger
Christoph Mikkel Janitzek Brygger

    Member of:

    • VAR2CSA team

    Virus-like particles (VLP) represent an extremely useful molecular toolbox for the production of next-generation vaccines targeting the diseases society struggles with today. The dense, organized and repetitive surface structure of VLP are powerful triggers of the immune system, eliciting high tittered and long lasting antibody, as well as cellular responses. By attaching foreign proteins to the surface of VLP one can direct the immune system against the attached antigen.

    At the Center for Medical Parasitology (CMP), I have been involved in developing fast, scalable and cost-effective technologies to produce potent VLP based vaccines against both infectious and noninfectious diseases. These highly versatile technologies take advantage of spontaneous isopeptide bond formation between protein/peptide bindingtag partners and allow for large and complex antigens to be displayed at high density on the VLP surface. This work includes but is not limited to molecular cloning, expressing and purifying VLPS and protein antigens, vaccine production, formulation, quality assessment (e.g. using electron microscopy), as well as immunizing and assessing the immune response generated employing various immuno-assays.

    As a PhD candidate, my research focuses on further honing and exploring the existing VLP vaccine technologies used at CMP as well as demonstrate the wide applicability of these by developing vaccines against malaria and cervical cancer.

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