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Mauricio Esguerra Neira
Mauricio Esguerra Neira

Assistant professor

I carried out  my doctoral work under the direction  of Wilma K. Olson at Rutgers in New Jersey U.S.A. researching the fundamental structural properties of RNA using the  Calladine-Drew rigid-body model to create knowledge-based non-redundant database subsets from the  Protein Data
Bank for  nucleic acids in  the context of Flory's  biopolymer theory. Right  after my  PhD I  joined Lennart  Nilsson's lab. at Karolinska Institute to study TFO's (Triplex-Forming Oligos), which could be used in antigene  technology.  Later  I started  work in  Uppsala exploring GPCR's with  Hugo Gutierrez  de Teran where I was the main developer  behind the webserver  to predict GPCR structure. The latest research work at Uppsala working under Johan Aqvist has been on exploring, using FEP (Free-Energy  Perturbation) techniques, the  process  of initial  tRNA selection in  the ribosome. You  can peruse my publications  at ORCID

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