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Signe Emilie Cremer
Signe Emilie Cremer


I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Univesity of Copenhagen and since July 2017, a visiting researcher at the Comparative Coagulation Laboratory at Cornell University. My postdoc project aims to generate a protein profile of the canine platelet secretome (CAPS) by means of advanced platelet proteomic methods. The long term goal is to generate platelet protein 'fingerprints' of platelet pathophysiology, including for pathological conditions such as cancer. Besides being beneficial to the canine species, the research can potentially also benefit people, as dogs share the same environment as people, along with naturally occurring diseases such as cancer, and can sometimes serve as a comparative human disease model.

The individual postdoc grant was obtained from the Independent Research Fund Denmark along with a Sapare-Aude young research talent award. The present research is a natural extension of my assistant professorship in veterinary clinical pathology (University of Copenhagen), in a lab with special interest in hemostasis and thrombosis. There my research focused platelet microparticles and general assay validation, and my primary research focus remains to be platelet pathophysiology and biomarkers of platelet activation.

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